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of each month.
7:00-8:30 PM

Seward Civic Center
616 Bradford St.
Seward, NE

There is no fee for attendance
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Please give to help build the Children's Memorial.
$ 175000
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You may also take your donation to any Union Bank and Trust branch.
Welcome to Heartfelt Seward
Heartfelt Poker Fitness Challenge  E-mail





Saturday, May 10

Kids Fitness Challenge begins at 8:00 am
Poker Fitness Challenge begins at 8:30 am


Heartfelt is holding a Poker Fitness Challenge to raise funds for the Children's Memorial. 

The course is approximately 3.3 miles with 5 “stations” that you stop at. You may run, walk or bike to the stations. At each station, you will draw a card – at the end of the course you will have your 5 card “poker” hand. In addition to drawing cards at the stations, there will be a fitness challenge (jumping jacks, shooting a basketball, push--‐ups, etc.) Should you choose to participate in the challenge you will perform the number of pushups, jumping jacks, etc. that match the card you drew. Ex: draw the 5 of hearts – you do 5 jumping jacks, draw the king of diamonds --‐ 10 jumping jacks, etc. Then it is off to the next station. Time is not of essence in this race – the highest poker hand will be the winner! The kids’ fitness challenge will have 3 stations around the St. Vincent’s parking lot. At each station, the kids will draw a card and do that number of challenges (frog hops, jumping jack, etc.). When finished – the points of their three cards are totaled and prizes will be awarded to the highest points and lowest points.


Click HERE to download the entry form. Return form and entry fee by Wednesday, April 30 to ensure you get a t-shirt. Late entries accepted day of, however you may not get a t-shirt then if none are left. REGISTER TODAY!


We are a non-denominational grief support group for parents who have experienced the death of a child. This group is facilitated by qualified volunteers and professionals. Heartfelt Connections offers support, confidentiality, and promotes healthy grieving and recovery. It is a place for parents to share experience, seek information and offer support to each other.

Where Else. . .
  • Can you come into a group of complete strangers and talk about the death of your child?
  • Can you know that you are not alone in your bereavement?
  • Can others sincerely say to you, "I know how you feel"?
  • Will you not hear, "It's time you were over it and started getting on with your life" and other unwelcome advice?
  • Can you cry without feeling ashamed or laugh without feeling guilty?
  • Can you just listen and not talk if you do not wish to?
  • Can you reach out to newly bereaved parents who are experiencing the grief and pain you have felt?
  • Can you share the love and memories of your child(ren) with others?


Children's Memorial

We have a vision to erect a children's memorial in Seward in memory of the children who have left us too soon. It doesn't matter how old the child was when they died. To a parent they are their child forever.

The Memorial will be in a serene and peaceful Prayer Garden. The memorial will be a place to sit and reflect on the memories of your child. It will be a place without the stigma of a cemetery, which reflects coldness and sadness. The child's resting place may not be near where the parents live, which leaves another emptiness. Death ends a life, not a relationship.