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What does your sponsorship do for Heartfelt Inc.?

What Does Your Sponsorship Do For Heartfelt Inc.?

  • A corporate and/or personal sponsorship for our events will defray the cost of marketing, venue rental, food, and other fees associated with each Heartfelt Inc. event.
  • With the help of our sponsors, we are able to apply a greater percentage of funds raised at the event directly to expenses for operation and maintenance of the Heartfelt Children's Memorial as well as the costs incurred by the programs of Heartfelt Connections.
  • Through generous sponsorship, Heartfelt Incorporated will continue to move toward rental of a dedicated location for program and meeting space as well as office and storage for organizational business.
  • The "Bags of Hope" project that will provide a bag of grieving resources to parents who have suffered the loss of a child will become a reality.
  • Establishing a scholarship fund will allow us resources to provide memorial bricks for families who cannot financially afford the donation for their child's brick.

What does your sponsorship do for your business or corporation?

When you think about sponsorship and/or donation, please consider where you donate and how much of your dollar goes to the cause or mission. Heartfelt Inc. is a designated 501(c)3 public charity.

  • We have no paid employees and all events and normal business tasks are staffed by volunteers. The public looks towards community businesses and corporations to contribute to charitable organizations in their communities and to contribute those dollars in a prudent manner. 
  • Heartfelt Inc. recognizes sponsors at events through inclusion in advertising, at the event through signage and programs, on our Facebook site and on our Website sponsor banner.
  • We also encourage businesses to give their employees recognition for hours they may contribute to charitable organizations in their community or to a cause that is meaningful to their life experiences. These rewards can be as small as recognition at the work place to contributions to the employees charity in honor of their service. Please consider a donation to Heartfelt Incorporated in honor of your employees.

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