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Frequent Questions

  1. How much of my donated dollar go to the mission of Heartfelt Inc.? 100% of your donation goes to our mission! Our organization is governed by a volunteer board and all events are staffed by volunteers. We have no paid employees.

  2. Does Heartfelt Incorporated assist extended family and friends of children who have died? While we have no group meeting for them, our facilitators are available to visit with them, listen to their concerns, offer experience based information regarding the grieving process and recommend other services that may be available to them.

  3. What is the age limit for a child to be honored at the memorial?  There is no age limit, we believe that a child is always your child no matter their age. Children from miscarriage to adult loss may be honored and remembered at the memorial. The only requirement is having at least one living parent at the time of the child's death.

  4. Is the memorial only for children from Seward? There is no restriction regarding where the family has residence. Children from across Nebraska, as well as other states and countries are remembered at the Children's Memorial.

  5. Can I add a symbol to my child’s brick? No symbols are allowed, only text and numbers (i.e. dates and an athlete’s number). All verbiage must meet requirements set forth by Heartfelt Inc. and Concordia University.

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